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Jerk Patty

If you are a Supermarket/Club Store Retailer, a Food Service Distributor, or just an ordinary individual looking to add some spice to your world, think about becoming a customer of Caribbean Frozen Foods (CFF) authentic Jamaican style patties.

Our patties are of the classical style …. Made from the finest quality USDA ground beef (80/20) combined with freshly ground scotch bonnet, freshly imported thyme leaves and other flavorful ingredients to create that traditional scrumptious island flavor.

At Caribbean Frozen Foods (CFF) we deeply value your business and continuous support. We also take pride in ensuring that “you” our valued customer will always rely on the CFF brand to be synonymous with “authenticity” and “quality.”

Curry PattyFor our Distributors and retail marketers we care deeply about your bottom line. For “you” our consumers we care sincerely about your complete satisfaction. That’s why our brand is uniquely designed to be user friendly to your taste buds and have you coming back with a calm whisper that exclaims…… MMM….. GIMME MORE!



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