Caribbean Frozen Foods often receive calls and e-mails from business and individuals in various areas seeking to become a distributor of our delicious Jamaican style patties.

Though we welcome and appreciate all the interest/inquiries, we must also be very selective of whom we choose to represent us. Our policies and guidelines are strict and must be adhered to.

There are five basic guidelines involved in becoming a distributor:

  • Excellent credit history or the ability to pay in cash for products
  • Access to a freezer storage facility
  • The ability to sell & market CFF products in a  professional way
  • The ability to sell and deliver our products in a frozen manner
  • The ability to service all customers in your market area in a professional, consistent manner

Once you have clearly demonstrated the ability to perform these functions you will be given fullest consideration to becoming one of our valued partner.

Want to join the team? Kindly complete the attached questionnaire and fax/e-mail it to us for consideration.

Become A CFF Distributor