Q … Are your Jamaican style patties classified as “Health Foods?”

A … The answer is NO! All that we are trying to do is to make our products healthier than other Jamaican Patties that are currently being sold in the market place. You can rest assured that when you eat our patties you are putting healthier, more nutritious foods in your stomach.

Q … What make your patties healthier than other Jamaican patties?

A … First, we have eliminated beef suet (raw beef or mutton fat, especially the hard fat found around the loins and kidneys) from our crusts. This ingredient is the enemy of your heart. It can clog your artery over a period of time and cause all types of health issues. Secondly, because there’s no beef suet in the crusts, our patties are lower in saturated fat and cholesterol. Thirdly, our patties are made with zero gram of Trans Fat (0g). Fourthly, our patties are heavily saturated with B Vitamins.

Q … What are B Vitamins?

A … B Vitamins are essential nutrients – a group of water soluble vitamins that play an essential role in cell metabolism. The body needs them to put together and take apart some of the most important molecules it makes and destroys. To put it in simple, easy to understand terms: B Vitamins are to your body what sparks plugs are to your car engine. When there’s plenty of fresh B’s, you get better mileage, your cellular engine runs smoothly, last longer and makes less noise. Our patties contain the following B Vitamins: (B1) (B2) (B6) (B12). For more information on B Vitamins please check: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B_vitamins

Q … Why is CFF so concerned about the consumer’s good health while others companies seem to take it for granted?

A … Every company sets its own standards and guidelines. Here at CFF we value your business and also care about your health, knowing that the longer you live the more patties you will ultimately buy. The American Heart Association lists heart disease as the number one killer of American women as well as men. This dilemma hit closer to home a few years ago, when one of our own staff members came very close to suffering a heart attack. From then on, good health guideline became a part of our mission.

Q … How can I order some CFF delicious patties?

A … (a) Check the names of our customers under the “Location” tab for the stores nearest to you (b) You can also order on line by clicking on the “Shop” tab on this site and we’ll be happy to ship them directly to you.

Q … How do I get my neighborhood grocery store to sell your delicious products?

A … Have the store manager check our website https://www.cffpatties.com/ then give us a call. We will then try our utmost to convince him/her to add these products to their inventory list. A word of caution: Sometimes it may take more than just one customer to get their attention when making a decision to stock a new item. Have your friends and families approach them also with the same request. That will get their attention much faster.