What is a Jamaican Beef Patty?

Jamaican Mild unbaked Beef PattiesĀ packaged for the Food Service Industry
Jamaican Mild (unbaked) Beef PattiesĀ packaged for the Food Service Industry

In the United States a beef patty is a ground beef product used in the making of traditional hamburgers.

In contrast, a Jamaican beef patty (also referred to as a beef turnover or empanada) is a product consisting of lean ground beef filling, seasoned with exotic Jamaican spices and wrapped in a golden flaky crust. This is Jamaica’s # 1 fast food staple.

In Jamaica, and other English speaking Caribbean Islands, this product is just as popular among the natives as hot dogs, pizza, hamburgers and tacos are with consumers in North America.

Though beef patties are the most popular among the consumers, Jamaican patties are also available in other versions such as chicken [curry and jerk flavor,] and vegetable. These are gaining strong recognition and momentum among consumers. Patties can be prepared by either baking or deep frying.

Beef Mild/Spicy