What is a Jamaican Jerk Patty?

Jerk……. The Exotic Jamaican Bar-B-Q

Jerk cooking is the authentic Jamaican way to prepare and cook pork, seafood and beef on a Bar-B-Q grill or over a fire pit. What makes this style of cooking so unique is the special combination of seasoning used to create the jerk marinade (jerk seasoning). These include a combination of scallions, onions, thyme, pimento (allspice), cinnamon, nutmeg, scotch bonnet pepper and salt.

The origination of the term “Jerk” varies. The most accepted theory in Jamaica relates to the process of cooking: during grilling the meat or seafood is turned over and over again (jerked over and over again) until it is fully cooked.

The secret to authentic jerk cooking is the way the meat is seasoned: the jerk seasoning is marinated into the meat for at least 4-12 hours before cooking. The meat is then cooked slowly over an open fire pit or in the conventional oven or convection oven in your home. In Jamaica, the open fire is usually made from allspice wood (Pimento wood) which gives the meat that natural smoky taste.

Jerk is one of the latest food craze in Jamaica. There are jerk Bar-B-Q joints in every town, every village, in every city. When visiting Jamaica, tourists from all over the world like to pay a visit to these jerk pits to enjoy the exotic taste of the island.

Jerk cooking is no longer confined to Jamaica. It is rapidly gaining international recognition. In the United States for example, most mainstream restaurants and other food service establishments are now offering their customers some

Jamaican Style Jerk Chicken Patties

Chicken Jerk Plate 1Jamaican style jerk chicken patties are now the latest addition to the jerk cooking craze. Caribbean Frozen Foods has created its own unique jerk recipe for their jerk chicken patties. It contains diced pieces of USDA juicy tender chicken chunks wrapped in a flaky pastry dough.

We are aware that most mainstream consumers may be intimidated by the Jamaican style of spicy cooking. To alleviate this problem – and make our patties enjoyable by everyone – we have adjusted our flavor to be much milder – yet still delicious – than normal. Consumers are loving this eclectic and flavorful product.


Jerk Chicken Patties are available in:

  • Retail – 2 Pack
  • Food Service/24 Pk. Count
  • C-Store single Pk.

Jerk Chicken