Demos & Guides

Here at Caribbean Frozen Foods (CFF) we stand behind our customers 100%. Our objective is not just to sell products (and watch them fend for themselves) but also to offer marketing support to move these products from the frozen foods shelves in a timely way.

Our demo program is uniquely designed as part of our marketing program. It is used to introduce our patties to the consumers by first offering them a delicious taste, then invite them to purchase a pack (or maybe several) to take home with them. This is a very powerful proactive marketing tool, one that takes the action directly to the consumers whereby they can make a prudent buying decision without guessing as to what they are purchasing.

Our patties are very tasty, delicious, and “heart healthier” than any other Jamaican patties in the market place…. So we are confident that these products will sell themselves and the consumers will keep coming back for more again and again. This will ultimately lead to product awareness and hence increase sales.

Most demos are conducted in a selective manner primarily targeting high volume stores or those stores celebrating “GRAND OPENINGS” or re-openings.

Our personnel are professionally trained, often bilingual, personable, adept in product knowledge and are aggressive in sales.

In-store demos are conducted in prime time peak hours when the store is at its busiest period. Programs last from 4-6 hours and is always accompanied by a coupon (currently $.30) that offers instant discount at the cash register.

Get on board with CFF and watch your sales grow!!


Things you must know about Jamaican Patties 

  • Products are manufactured in Florida … not in Jamaica 
  • Jamaican patties are also referred to as “empanadas” 
  • Patties are USDA approved (USDA number is printed on the front of the 
  • box) 
  • Patties are made from genuine USDA ground beef/chicken 
  • Beef patty is Jamaica’s number one fast food staple 

** As a demo person, your job is to sell … Be a good sales person. 
Always ask the customer to buy a pack or more after sampling** 

Things you must do!! 

  • Always demo the mild patties (unless you have other request), then tell the 
  • customer (s) that patties are also available in spicy flavor 
  • Remove patty from wrap, then microwave on plate or on napkin 
  • Microwave each frozen patty on high for 2 minutes 
  • Cut patty in 4 pieces and serve to customer (s) on a cocktail napkin 
  • Give each customer 1 ($.30) coupon for each box of patty they buy 

For further questions call CFF office at: 1-800-215-8495