Classic Patty (B)

In order to satisfy our Food Service Consumers – Caribbean Frozen Foods is bringing back our original flakey crust with “beef suet.” We now refer to this original crust as “The Jamaican Classic.” We still continue to sell and market our healthier patties to the retail supermarket trade so that our customers can have alternative choices and now enjoy the best of both worlds.

We at Caribbean Frozen Foods sincerely appreciate your business and support. We strive to make, sell and market the healthiest and tastiest Jamaican patties in the industry.

We are also mindful of the fact that many of our customers are reluctant in changing their old eating habits and prefer their patties with the original “beef suet crust” recipe. We cannot control people’s eating habits and neither do we intend to… We give our customers choices and place their eating decision making in their hands.

Consumers who shop in the retail supermarkets are severely attracted to our healthier patties once they get acquainted with the healthier NUTRITION FACTS publicized on our retail boxes…. And we thank them for all their congratulatory letters, emails and telephone calls congratulating us for the bold decision we have made to enable them to enjoy a healthier product.

I recall a great American iconic company by the name of Coca Cola that once attempted to create and market a healthier cola soda but experienced problems recreating the consumer’s taste buds, despite their massive marketing efforts. So guess what! They eventually brought back the original taste to satisfy the taste buds of those consumers who had difficulties converting to the healthier taste.

Baked varieties are individually wrapped and
packaged in a 24 count box:

  • BEEF SPICY……………… 24 COUNT/BKD/4.5 OZ
  • BEEF MILD………………. 24 COUNT/BKD/4.5 OZ
  • JERK CHICKEN……………. 24 COUNT/BKD/4.5 OZ
Weight 14.5 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 10.5 × 6 in


Case Pack 24/ 4.5 oz
Case Per Pallet
Folding UPC
Master UPC