The Patty Club

CFF Patty Club is a segment within the company that is uniquely dedicated to “giving back” to our loyal and valued customers whose support has kept us in business when they purchase our retail 2PK patties from our retail supermarket customers (such as Publix, Walmart, Super Target, Sweetbay, etc.) or when they purchase from our on-line store on the Internet. By becoming a member of this prestigious club, customers will be awarded the opportunity to win FREE samples of our HEART HEALTHY Jamaican style patties for themselves or their families. Here is how it works:

Every time you make a purchase of our delicious beef or chicken patties, you will be accumulating points which may later be traded in for FREE OR DISCOUNTED PRODUCTS.

To JOIN and become a member is as easy as A-B-C….

….. Just log into the JOIN tab in this segment, enter your name, e-mail address, plus phone number and press the SEND button. [contact-form-7 id=”438″ title=”Contact form 1″] That’s all the initial paper work that is necessary to get you started.